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Notification: Salama-Tiimi has ended its services.

Light in the dark

We are a group of different nationalities: asylum seekers, quota refugees, exchange students, other immigrants and people of Finnish background. Different origins – one goal: to help people and communities by means of volunteer work.

We serve You and your community

We pick up many kind of tasks: shoveling snow, other outdoor maintenence work and simple construction help. Assisting elderly people and visiting schools and communities. You can suggest other tasks too. We are insured by the Red Cross.

The story of Salama-Tiimi

The Arabic word ’’salama’’ refers to safety and peace. In Finnish the same word symbolises sudden light and energy in the darkness. We want to build a bridge between people of different origins. Volunteering for the surrounding community increases mutual respect and understanding.

More info:

Church coffee

The job was to buy the food and help serve and set up the table for church coffee event.

“Amazing work. Extremely beautiful table setting. Polite and reliable.” – Satu

Reducing prejudices

Salama-Tiimi visited a school and got nice contact with both students and the staff.

“The people from the team came to assist in the class, make acquaintance and tell about themselves and their culture. The idea was to reduce prejudiced attitude towards foreigners and I believe we accomplished this.” – Elias

Cooking in the high school

Cooking in the high school kitchen class.

“Students took part in working together, students were interested and there was natural interaction.” – Outi, teacher

Charity concert

Salama-Tiimi members cleaned and built fences in a charity concert. 

“They were very hard-working and helpful. Service was friendly and, most of all, they stayed until the very end. Thank you! A big thanks to Osama, who managed things well. Despite the short notice, he found enough people!” – Noora

Packing EU-food

The task was to unload and pack 2700 kg of EU-food for the people in need.

“Very quick and efficient voluntary work – welcome again next spring” – Sanna, food donation coordinator

Helping with the move

A father of a family asked help for moving.

“Everything went well. Such a great team and help! Thank you!” – Cirone

Yard work

Salama-Tiiimi helped a family doing firewood and yard work.

“Hard-working and active working in a good spirit. Thanks for all helpers.” – Maija and Jouni

Basement repairing project

A house owner found a huge help in Salama-Tiimi in the basement repairing project, shoveling and moving soil.

“Everything went excellent. Iita coordinated great and participated as well and the boys were hard-working. A warm thank you!” – Päivi


Salama-Tiimi helped a family to move.

“Today me, Mustafa, Saif and Ahmed went to help a family with moving to a new house. We carried furniture and everything. Then we talked and ate together and they were very happy about help. It was a nice task and a nice day!” – Nemo, coordinator

Stacking firewood

A house owner Vesa asked help from Salama-Tiimi to stack some firewood. The task was done by many volunteers and everyone was satisfied with the result.  

”The task went perfectly and it was done in an unbelievably short time. No remarks”,  said Vesa about volunteers at the end of the day.

At Maikkula upper school

Salama-tiimi has been visiting many schools in Oulu area during the spring 2016. At Maikkula upper school teachers were so excited that two visits were not enough – the school asked for more in the next autumn.

”The topic was very timely and it was presented in an interesting way that suited our young students well – gathering in small groups couraged youngsters to participate. The games were motivating and concepts were dealt with in a versatile way. Welcome again next autumn! – Teacher Aino, Maikkula upper school

Deconstructing the house

A task of landing an house was welcomed by the volunteers – the job was done safely in couple of days!  

“Today me, Fareed, Ahmed and Ali went to help Esa to break down an old house and carry the wood into a big trash box. It was hard work and we got tired, but then we got some pulla and juice – I like pulla :)” – Hussein, a Salama-Tiimi coordinator

A photograph project of asylum seekers

Salama-Tiimi was asked to find asylum seekers to tell their stories through words and pictures.

“First meeting was arranged quickly. It was really easy to communicate and co-operate with you. Thank you! – Siria

Treats at the Talent show

The city of Oulu arranged a Talent show for young people at the youth cafe Bysis. Salama-Tiimi tried to win the Talent show by creating many tasteful snacks. The judges enjoyed these somalian and iraqi treats very well! 

The Holocaust Memorial Day

The University of Oulu had program on the Holocaust Memorial Day. An asylum seeker was asked to give a speech to honor the day.

“The speech was perfect, it could not have been any better” – Saara, The Humanistic guild

Helping at the high school

Moving chairs and tables for final exams.

“Thank you so much. You were very helpful. Everything went in a fast and friendly way. We can recommend Salama-Tiimi!” – Minna, Principle

Working at the yard

Salama-Tiimi worked at the yard of local family for three days. 

“We started at 9 am, me and three volunteers from Vallinkorva. We transferred wood to the trashes with the owner helping us.  Thank you family, you made us feel welcome!” – Fahad, Coordinator of Salama-Tiimi

Christmas Spirit for people in need

A warm Christmas meal was offered for 300 guests in the event “Christmas Spirit for people in need”. It was organized at Terva-Toppila secondary school. Salama-Tiimi was asked to help with the serving and cleaning. 

“You managed extremely well with the tasks given. It was a pleasure to have you with our group. Thanks for the day and the help!

– Juha, Red Cross

Shoveling snow

A detached house yard needed someone to push the snow aside.

”A job well done with running steps and a smiling face. Thank you, Salama-Tiimi!” – Terttu

Assisting elderly people

The task was to help residents of an assisted building in a Christmas event. To organize the space, collect the elderly people from their rooms and escort them back after the event.

”A huge help! Extra pairs of hands were needed in order to keep up to the schedule. Happy, energetic, helpful and very much needed.” – Vappu