Order volunteers

How to ask for volunteers:

  • You can contact us by by filling out the form below or sending email to
  • One of the Salama-Tiimi coordinators will get back to you. We aim to always reply within a week

Before the task it is useful for you to know that…

  • We serve private persons and communities (for instance associations, clubs, educational institutions, assisted living buildings and residents of municipalities)
  • We aim to handle all tasks requested. However, we do reserve the right to choose tasks according to our resources available
  • If needed, the Salama-Tiimi group serving you will include at least one Finnish speaking person
  • We pick up simple volunteer work: shoveling snow, other outdoor maintenance work and simple construction help. Assisting elderly people and visiting schools and communities. You can suggest other tasks too
  • We do not take up tasks that are dangerous or require professional skills
  • The orderer is responsible for providing Salama-Tiimi members with sufficient instructions for the task

During the task:

  • The orderer must be present during the entire execution of the task. He or she is also responsible for giving additional information to Salama-Tiimi members if needed. The orderer and the coordinator of Salama-Tiimi are jointly responsible for the volunteer work process
  • We mainly operate in Oulu. Whenever we have the resources, we will also serve in the surrounding municipalities
  • Transportation can be arranged either by the orderer or by Salama-Tiimi. The quickest and most assured way to get us started with your task is to help us out with transportation!
  • Salama-Tiimi members are insured by the Red Cross
  • We provide our own work clothing. You will recognize us from Red Cross name tags or volunteer worker vests
  • The orderer is responsible for providing tools and materials if those are needed
  • If it takes longer than four hours to execute the task, the orderer is responsible for providing small snacks for Salama-Tiimi members
  • We mainly accept individual tasks, to make sure we can serve as many different people and communities as possible. However, if you would need regular assistance, give us a try: you might be able to find Salama-Tiimi members that would be able to give you a hand regularly!

After the task is completed:

  • The orderer will fill out a feedback form given by the Salama-Tiimi coordinator
  • A ’Thank you’ is enough to reward us. We do not accept any money for the tasks we complete. If you do wish to support our operations, you can direct your donation to the Red Cross Oulu branch: FI56 4600 2020 0072 50, message: Salama-Tiimi
  • These possible donations can be used for purchasing work clothing and covering transportation costs, for example

You can contact us by by filling out the form below or sending email to

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